Erickson Azerbaijan was a sponsor of Mirf2018

One of the sponsors of Mirf2018 – National Human Resources forum was Erickson Azerbaijan. The speeches of all the speakers were welcomed with interest during the forum where participated more than six hundred human resources specialists. There were local and invited from Turkey speakers in the forum. Erickson International was presented in the forum by Zerrin […]

The Art & Science of Coaching

Professional Coach Education already in Azerbaijan Erickson International in partnership with BMG International from the first of October is presented in Azerbaijan.  Citizens of our country who wants to get high quality coaching education will be able to get it without necessity to travel foreign countries and making additional travel costs. We will bring Erickson […]

My journey to becoming a coach

It always was a golden rule in our family that the money spent for education is the best investment with the highest return. My family always invested in me and my brother’s education. Getting older and starting earning money myself I continued this tradition and from the first day of my working experience I always […]