My journey to becoming a coach

It always was a golden rule in our family that the money spent for education is the best investment with the highest return.

My family always invested in me and my brother’s education. Getting older and starting earning money myself I continued this tradition and from the first day of my working experience I always was collecting 10% of my salary to spend it for my improvement. Later I noticed that developing my skills and knowledge my salary was increasing because not jus I, but also managers in the organization where I worked also were noticing changes and developments in me.

I have read a lot about different paradigms and each one of them gave me a chance to look at different situations or sometimes to the same situation from different glasses. But when I faced with Erickson Coaching techniques in 2016 I had a chance to look to the world through my inner soul. That was real transformation for me. I understood that there is no absolute truth, everything that happens around me starts from me. I need to get responsibility for my thoughts and actions. Only in this case I will start changing and developing.

Then I discovered my mission – continuous development and support others to develop. Actually I was doing it all my life but emotional noise around was not letting me to focus on my mission. Today I have clear focus for the rest of my life and I am planning to move in this direction. Erickson Coaching knowledge is very fundamental base for further development and I am going to enhance my knowledge in this field and share it with others to help them develop and live a happy life. It is so easy to discover happiness. There is no need to look for it outside it is inside of each person.

I consider investment to my Erickson Education one of my best investments I have ever made.