Azerbaijan is included in the list of countries where you can get a professional education within the framework of the International Certification Program “Art and Science of Coaching”.

A representative office of the Erickson International has begun its work in Baku, and registration for coach training is already open. Those who register before the end of the year and fully pay for 4 training modules receive a 20% discount. Discount for early registration is limited. The Erickson International is one of the worlds leading institutions on the field of Coach training. Since 1980 it has been represented in more than 85 countries on 4 continents with over 45,000 graduates.

Classes will start in February next year and will last until June. Training in Azerbaijan will be held in accordance with the standards of the International Certification Program “Art and Science of Coaching” like in other countries. And if earlier, everyone who wanted to get a professional coaching education, had to look for convenient opportunities abroad, now all this is available in Baku. It will be a four-module program. Upon graduation, graduates will receive a certificate recognized globally. Also, since the International Erickson University is an accredited school of the International Coaches Federation (ICF), the obtained certificate and knowledge can be used to continue the professional path in the field of coaching.

This program is one of the leading programs in the field of coaching education. As in any profession of the 21st century, there are also international standards that are provided by the Erickson International Coaching University. Program participants, in addition to receiving a new profession, receive a powerful stimulus for personal growth. The learning process is organized in such a way that here you will once again get acquainted with yourself, reunite with your own wisdom. You will learn to recognize your true goals, as well as the limitations that hold you. This is a coaching that focuses on effective solutions. Not all graduates of the program decide to become professional coaches, however, the acquired knowledge and skills are successfully applied in various fields of professional detail.

Additional information about the Erickson International, its programs and conditions of study in Baku can be obtained by calling: (+994 50) 268 4565

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