Erickson Azerbaijan was a sponsor of Mirf2018

One of the sponsors of Mirf2018 – National Human Resources forum was Erickson Azerbaijan. The speeches of all the speakers were welcomed with interest during the forum where participated more than six hundred human resources specialists. There were local and invited from Turkey speakers in the forum.

Erickson International was presented in the forum by Zerrin Basher as a speaker. She told the auditorium about the role of Coaching in management. Also, she informed about the difference and usefulness Erickson coaching approach. Zerrin specially mentioned that it is already possible to get Erickson Coaching knowledge in Azerbaijan.

There was also huge interest to the stand build by Erickson Azerbaijan team. Many participants of the forum were interested to get more information about the programs that will be conducted in Azerbaijan.

We would like to note that the registration for the groups in Turkish and Russian languages already started. On the scope of The Art and Science of Coaching program, all participants will be able to get valuable knowledge in the field of Coaching. There will be just 15 people in each group and you can book your sit registering online or calling us.