Live as who you are

Shakespeare said: The whole world is a theater, and the people in it are actors. We live life, being enclosed in limiting stereotypes. For each requirement of society, we have our own mask … We are afraid of everything that does not coincide with our worldview, and when confronted with this, we perceive it with aggression, because what we are faced with destroys our well-established patterns. For us, life consists of struggle and suffering. We think that everything needs to be achieved, although the necessary is always at hand, just extend your hand. But, to that which is close, we go along intricate paths, complicating our lives. We attach importance to the outer form, forgetting about the inner. We do not want to be ourselves. We have forgotten what it means to be like a child.
We all come to this world, with the conventions that limit us. It is enough to look at the child to understand what it means to be yourself. The child does not wear a mask. He says what he sees and thinks. Just look into the eyes of a child, and you will see a sparkling void. His world is not yet limited, he did not have time to try on a mask. “The personality that a child becomes is a mask worn over consciousness.” The child begins to try on his mask by the age of 7, when his relationship with the inner world is destroyed. The final formation comes to 14 years. This is the time when we begin to constantly wear a mask with which we identify ourselves for the rest of our lives.  This mask becomes part of the crowd: “If only they would not condemn. Just do not look askance. Just not pushed. If only … “We are afraid to break out of society, to be different. We play our roles in this crowd, forgetting that true success comes with self-awareness. And that means, take off the mask, be yourself. We fell into the illusion of life and forgot who we are. We understand who we are in the crowd, but we do not give up our role. We identify ourself with our mask. This is the illusion of the true Self. You need a desire to wake up from a dream in the performance of life. A person who is awakened from sleep, who begins to live differently than everyone, is most often expelled from society, regardless of who he is to the crowd. “Whoever is not with us is against us” – this is the motto of the society from ancient times. The awakened man comes out of the Platonic world of shadows to the light. An awakened person is not a part of society, since he emerged from the duality of mind. Our mind is like a maze that draws us into the illusion of life. They say: “The mind is a good servant, but a bad master.” In a man who has dropped the mask, the consciousness shines in full force. The world stretches towards such people. The situations begin to take shape around such people that lead to success. Not everyone who is lucky is happy. Rich people have their misfortunes. The happy person is the one who managed to get rid of the conditionality of society. The one whose consciousness shines through personality. Take off the masks, be yourself.