To live in the moment …

How much do we pay attention to what we think and do? How much do we rely on someone’s opinion, which subsequently hinders our development? How often do we try to put our problems on other people’s shoulders? How often do we hope for something from others? How often do we allow someone to decide our destinies, fulfilling only the role of ballast in our destiny? How often do we ask ourselves questions?

The most important goal for any person is to live in the moment Here and Now, which is expressed in one capacious word “Awareness”. It is awareness that gives us a moment of presence.

What does Presence mean? It means to live in the present moment, here and now. It means being present in every moment of your life. This means not to postpone your plans indefinitely, neither for tomorrow nor for the day after tomorrow, Act at a given moment of life. Awareness implies control of all your intentions, thoughts and actions. A conscious person looks far ahead, understanding what your deed and even thought can pour into, since any action starts with an intention that turns into a thought, and a thought turns into action. Awareness is expressed in enjoying every moment of your life. It is through awareness that a person achieves his highest goals in life. Being conscious is not to indulge your ego, on the contrary, the ego plays the role of a teacher, helps to make the right analysis of decisions and actions. In life success there is no automatism, since automatism belongs to the field of physiology, and we are talking about the mental level of awareness of events. Your presence in every moment of life is expressed in the ability not only to observe, but also to listen, to draw conclusions, even if this conclusion is wrong. There are no people who are not mistaken. Through trial and error, we take the greatest steps towards self-development, towards victory over ourselves. Every solution always requires effort. Under a rolling stone, water does not flow, only the stone is ground off over time. To live consciously is to not live in the past, since this has already passed and will not return back. The ability to be present in the moment – it means to live in the present, not to expect handouts from someone. You need to be able to carry your own burden yourself, answer for your decisions and actions, and make the right conclusion out of them. If we continue to deliberately make mistakes without making any conclusions, then all situations in our life begin to take shape so as to teach us, and this will be repeated again and again until the lesson is learned. To be aware is to find a harmony with life. The less we conflict with ourselves, the more harmonious are the situations for us. I am not saying that you gain life without suffering, it’s quite the opposite, in addition to success, old situations return to you to test you, as you have learned them. For example: you quarreled with a work colleague, then reconciled. It seems to be a regular life situation, but this moment will come back again and again, until you learn to control yourself, when instead of an aggressive response, you extinguish it in the bud itself, thereby not creating a chain reaction of negative events. Just be aware, be present in every moment of your life!